Helping Wounded Veterans

May 23, 2009

By Malay Bansal

As we celebrate  braveness and service of  our armed forces personnel this Memorial Day, this previous post is worth repeating….


In this holiday season & the new year, wounded warriors and their families, are one group that deserves our support. Their sacrifices and pain dwarf almost anything else.

My mailbox, as I am sure is true for most people, has been full of solicitations from numerous organizations.  To pick  organizations that are efficient and do their job well, I asked friends & colleagues for suggestions. I have listed the responses received below (in no particular order), and will be happy if it helps even one more person make a decision, or  think about helping our veterans.

  • Wounded Warrior Project ( Helps wounded service members assist each other, and has several programs. Recommended by several people.
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation ( Helps fund scholarships for the college education of the kids of  special ops soldiers who died in line of duty.
  • Soldier’s Angles ( Gives you an opportunity to “adopt” a soldier.
  • Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund ( Freedom Alliance promotes strong national defense, and this fund provides scholarships to children of killed or disables veterans.
  • Reserve Aid (  Provides financial support to the families of Reserve Service Members from all services, who have been called to active service duty and are experiencing financial difficulty.

Also, (scroll down to Veterans) has a list of organizations and ratings.

5/29/17 Update: Few other names that I came across recently:

I should mention that I am just sharing information that I received, and there are many many other organizations that are doing good work but are not mentioned here. I am not affiliated by any of these organizations in any way.


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